Drake Meets Aaliyah, Do You Find These Pictures Disrespectful?

I knew Drake was always a big fan of the late great Aaliyah ever since the Unforgettable collaboration with Young Jeezy but this could be construed as being a little on the creepy side.

Allot of Aaliyah fans find the photos to be out right disrespectful, I’m a huge of Aaliyah and though It’s not personally disrespectful to me it’s a little weird to see these photos.

Very life like, I’ll say that much….Check em out.

When it was announced Drake would be overseeing a new, posthumous Aaliyah album, some offended critics and artists reacted harshly, but others relished in the excitement of a new Aaliyah album. Though the project has received a very mixed response, Drake and Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson are determined to see it through. Hankerson, the CEO of Blackground Records, recently explained the thought process behind the controversial album.

“Due to circumstances, we can’t control the emotional toll of healing of her legacy like others,” Hankerson said. “The intent is not to disrespect the family, nor do Blackground Records want to shed any bad light around Aaliyah’s legacy. We’d like to go in a different direction with the 16 tracks and have been more than open to work with past collaborators. So, Damon Dash–her ex fiance–is more than willing to assist Drake and Noah in producing the album.”

What’s your thoughts on this whole Aaliyah situation?

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